Secure Document Scanning Services

Is your office stacked high with paper containing essential records and information? Perhaps, you want to reduce your office storage space, enhance a more secure way of storing your data, improve your regulatory compliance, increase productivity, retrieve your data without searching endlessly, collaborate daily, or a better backup for your data recovery should it get lost. Whatever the case may be with you, electronically documenting and storing your data is the perfect solution for you.

The advantage of converting your paper files and scanning them into digital documents cannot be underrated regardless of your business industry.

When you secure document scanning services, it ensures the smoothest possible transition from paper to paperless (digital/electronic). Implementing an electronic data capture system affords your business the ability to access, distribute, manage, optimize, and share your digital documents securely without the need for paper.

What's an Electronic data capture system?

Electronic Data Capture system, otherwise called EDC system succinctly put is a software that helps in storing patients' data that are collected in clinical trials. At first, the data are collected on paper then they are transcribed into the system.

It is noteworthy that there are many EDC vendors; some businesses build theirs, while others purchased theirs. While most electronic data capture systems have slightly different features, in general, every EDC software is made to help run an efficient data collection.

As technology continues to improve, going digital is becoming a common thing, and in industries like health care and accounting, it has become the standard. Data capturing has many benefits, from cost savings to avoidance of information leakage to maximum data security to increase productivity and a lot more. Scanning your records should be one of the things you have to consider in your business or organization.

Research specialists are altering traditionally accepted methods and choosing computerized versions instead of trying to deliver better outcomes. This they do to keep their data safe and easily accessed.

How we ensure that our document scanning services are secure

At Scanoptics, we ensure maximum security of your data with our EDC systems, designed such that the efficiency of the data you are collecting is guaranteed. Our EDC systems check for errors and edit them.

We also ensure that your documents are secured by taking advantage of our Electronic Data Capture systems leveraging their ability to provide remote and real-time access to research data. This is why researchers find it quite easy to use cloud-based services to store their data online, allowing them to access their documents even when they are not in their office.

We also help you to secure your digital document imaging with the help of high-speed document scanners and save them in a cloud drive for easy access at all times.

Do you want a secure document scanning service? Scan Optics is your best fit for this. We offer the best electronic data capture service. Your security is guaranteed. Contact Scanoptics for the most intelligent data management.

Secure Document Scanning Services



Secure Document Scanning Services

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